Inter School (:

On Tuesday the 9th of november i went to interschool at the domain,

I went In 100 metre sprint and 100 metre relay and shot put.

In 100 metre sprint i came 5th and in the relay my team came 4th and in shot put i have no clue what i came. Our school did well. We Won a few race’s.

Shot put Is where you have a ball thats really Heavy. If you go out of the Circle When you go out of the circle you have to make sure you go out the circle where the lines are.

Remembrance Day

Yesterday was remembrance day. Remembrance Day is when at 11am on the 11Th of November is when they remember the people that fighted and died at the wars. For remembrance day two people from my class read out a poem over the speaker at 11 and then we had 1 minutes silents.

Dealing With Anger.

This Week In skills for life we have been working on dealing with angry.
Three things i get angry about is:
1) People taking my stuff.
2) Getting in trouble when i did nothing.
3) People Annoying me.
When i feel angry i.
1) When i feel angry i take it out on other people and i yell, Punch something, Cry and Shake. Go for a run to clear my head.
Something that made me angry.
I was told that someone killed them self as a joke i was shocked i cried for ages and i felt like hitting something. If it happened again I would have Tried to carm myself down, Or talked to someone about it.

Problem Solving.

In skills for life we are working on fixing problem Solving,

Dear Ashlee,

I have buyed Tickets to go to the movie’s for two people And my friend has last minute Cancelled because her mum said she’s not aloud to go out on the weekend because she has to clean her room.

Fr0m Phillop.

You could:

  • Invite another friend.
  • clean your room and then go to the movies.
  • Make a deal with your mum, that you could Clean your room Another day.

Feeling good about yourself.

In skills for life we are working on describing people.
I Describe myself: Loud, Nice, Caring.
My parents describe me as: Loud, Sometimes annoying, nice, Loves to go out, funny.
My best friend describes me as: caring, Nice, funny, Fun to be with, Always there for them, Likes to take a joke.
My teacher Describes me as: Loud, annoying, sometimes a good listener, takes a joke too far.
what is your greatest achievement ?
My greatest Achievement would have to be that i got in the grand final for basketball.


Yesterday in PE we had the beep test and you had to run with a team in my team i had, Sophie, Me, Beth, Bianca, Shakira. after we had the beep test we had to do other races,

Friendship Movie Cars (:

In skills for life we had to watch a movie called cars it was about a car that was famous that had not many friends. The movie was about a car that had no friends and then made friends. In the movie the car went out of the truck because the truck was open at the back and the car drived to the wrong place because he had no head lights. so he ended up in a different place where the roads where all broken because the car ripped the roads up and the car had to fix all the roads so he could go win the cup.  If your popular You Have heaps of Friends And if your not your dont have heaps of friends, But sometimes popular people don’t have many friends.

In a friend i Value People that are nice, Caring, Doesn’t care what people think of them, Someone that likes to have fun, That takes a joke. (:

Peer Assessment

Yesterday in lote (Japanese) we had to peer assessment peoples assignments for Japanese, We had to give them a score out of 10, We had to do 12 months and have pictures for every month. If we got a score of 10 we had to have a bibliography, at least 5 lines of writing on every month, added a bit of colour, added Japanese writing, Japanese words.
In my assignment, I didn’t Include pictures,colour, bibliography, Japanese writing. I included 12 months of writing 5 lines for each month,written in my own words. My scores i got was 6/10 and7/10 and 9/10 and 8/10. At the end on the time my average was 7.1
I could have done better by doing some at home and not working on it all on one night and i could have tried harder than i did, i could have got pictures and a bit of a bibliography.